WH to the OA

WHOA. My actual goodness, so much has changed in the past week I seriously cannot keep up.

Let me fill you, and myself, in. I'm a nanny, its how I make the majority of my money, and no I don't make a ton of money (lol). About a week and a half ago, I was totally out-of-the-blue offered a part-time job at a swimwear store. It was the most casual interview. Literally, Alec, my boyfriend, sat in the corner of the empty store drinking an Americano and reading his book while I chatted it up with the store manager for 15 minutes, half about the job and half about our lives. So I guess that was my interview. Well lets just fast-forward and tell you that now have two jobs, pretty cool pretty cool its a SUPER cute store so I'm looking forward to it. 


Two days ago I was sitting in class, not paying attention, thinking about summer and what it might look like for me this year. On the spot, I decided to apply for an internship I was denied by last year (sounds promising?). I figured it would be a lost cause, but nevertheless spent 30 minutes filling out the application and writing 5 paragraphs answering short questions about myself, the HARDEST questions I do have to admit. I submitted the application, kissing goodbye to the dream of possibly interning for a really insanely cool organization that does a ton of amazing things overseas for impoverished children and people. I've admired them for years and have always wanted to get involved. There just so happened to be an opening for a graphic designer / photographer / social media content manager intern, seriously what are the odds?! That is the magical, previously-nonexistent internship that I have been searching for for SO long. 

So, one measly hour later I checked my email expecting to see either nothing, or a, "Thank you for applying, but we are full this year" response. To my absolute shock there was an email asking to meet me for an interview. Yeah, you know what was going through my head. Oh, you don't? Here's a hint ... "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!" But I played it cool, don't worry.

Today is Thursday, my interview is Tuesday and I'll be prayin' my booty off until then. To pile on top of the "things to come soon" pile is my being part of a small start-up business. I can't say too much about it just yet, but when it happens I promise there will be fireworks (or at least sparklers).

So I suppose if all of these things end up coming to fruition, my summer is going to be a heck of a lot busier than my school semester and to my surprise, I'm okay with that. It's crazy how when your life-craziness switches from doing a ton of things that don't bring you joy, to doing a ton of things that do, you don't feel so exhausted and dreary as "busy" typically makes you feel. I love all of this change, and while I know there is a sure forecast of MANY naps in my near-future, I couldn't be happier to be working on things that I'm excited about.

Dear change, you are welcome here.

Love, Aysia

Aysia Norris