That's My Mom.

Mind-reader, professional knows-whats-going-on-before-you-ever-say-it-er. Thats my mom.

The one who tells you the hard-to-swallow truth when you need to hear it most, ever since you were little. The one who gently, but firmly guides you to do what is right and what is good and what is kind. The one who's hugs can heal heartache and calm the flurry of an overactive mind seeing nightmares behind closed eyelids. The one who notices your bad days merely by the way your first breath sounds answering her phone call. The one who shows you that you in fact are not hard to love, but rather the girl who dances in the streets and sets fire to its skies, and its not your fault if some people are afraid of that. The one who teaches you to love anyway. The one who shows you how to look past the darkness to find the light in all things. The one who bears no judgment, not only in your hardship, but even when you unashamedly spoon Nutella out of the jar without a second thought, as you did when you were 10. The one who teaches you, no matter how many times repeated, that you are worth more than you will ever know and the only one who can truly satisfy you is the perfect God who made you, who gave you to her, who knitted you together and loved you first. The one who raises and eyebrow and who's heart breaks any time you allow any person to treat you less than you deserve. The one who raised you with no agenda except to see you full of joy at every opportunity and to follow your heart with the brightest of passions no. matter. what. The one who teaches you that you are priceless and absolutely nobody should be allowed to sway your confidence, your love for music and dancing, your view of yourself as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, passionate human - because anyone who knew that, would never attempt to break your spirit because its what makes you you. The one who tells you to stand up for those who can't stand so strongly on their own, and to lower yourself back to earth when you've been flying a little bit too high. She's the one who shows you how to put others first without hesitation, and to love no matter what; how to, when turning the right cheek seems too painful, turn the left cheek without compromising your own strength, strength not in yourself, but the strength that comes from the one who is more powerful than any mere, earthly strength. She's the one who reminds you now to know without any remnant of doubt that the unconditional love from the same place that our true strength comes from has a popular vessel and that vessel is her.

That's my mom.

Aysia Norris