Airport on a Saturday Morning.


I'm sitting at the San Diego International airport on the rim of a giant foyer fountain. It's the prime spot to people-watch. If you're anything like me, the real reason I arrive early to airports is partially so I don't miss my flight (probably important) but mainly because I love to people watch. Right now, I'm sitting across from a brewery. Two people are enjoying their 10:21am beers while others are conversationally snacking on baskets of french fries, I'm assuming because they wanted a seat and the seat options at this airports are below par, I have to admit. I snagged the best seat & I'll confess I'm not moving unless a heavily pregnant woman totters by, looking for a place to sit. To my left, sitting on the floor by an outlet is a fedora-wearing man, maybe in his late 30s, sporting a red and black, plaid duffle and loafers staring straight ahead. He hasn't moved in a couple of minute, maybe he's sleeping. I can't see his face anymore because he's turned slightly away from me.

There is a professional make-up stand maybe 20 feet away from me, also to my left. Two women are having their make-up done. Hot date? I'd like to think that one of them is meeting her long-time, long-distance partner after her flight and perhaps the other woman, with her 2 year old daughter on her lap, is simply treating herself to a well-deserved pampering because life with a kid... need I say more?

The man to my left just sneezed. I said bless you & he smiled and gave me a nod and then went back so sitting as still as a statue.

To my right there is a huge window revealing the tarmac and maybe a dozen airplanes. Workers are running back and forth carrying bags and driving carts full of bags. I always feel a little nervous for the guys who stand with neon bats, directing the pilots of huge airplanes when they reverse out of their spots. He's so small compared to that massive flying machine. There are maybe 9 souvenir shops and about 6 restaurants that I can see from my spot. A burger place, that brewery, a sushi place, a snack shop, a pizza place, and an Italian restaurant. Surprisingly, I'm not hungry.

The airport is one of the few places I make a valid and consistent effort to smile at people. I count the number who smile back. SO far, people seem to be having a good morning. Somebody even helped me lift my carry-on bag onto the conveyer belt through security. I love San Diego for this reason, people seem (for the most part) a little less stressed and a little nicer. Its a big city without concrete jungle walls. I love being able to call this place home, I love coming back to it after trips. I love getting off of the plane without having checked the weather because I already know its going to be perfect outside. 

A little boy in a blue button down, maybe 2 years old (he still wobbles when he walks) just came up to me and plopped himself down right at my feet. His dad turned around and laughed because the little boy must have thought I looked like his mom for a moment, because when he looked up he went wide-eyed and ran to his dad. I laughed, kids are silly. 

I think I have to board my plane in 20 minutes. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:22am, but instead was delayed to 11:15. So I'll be relieved to finally get on that giant flying machine. I suppose I'll get up now and grab myself some caffeine. People keep walking by with coffee cups and its making me pretty jealous. The man to my left is gone, I guess he woke up, hopefully he didn't miss his flight. There are two different women at the make-up stand now. Time to go.

Aysia NorrisComment