Pressing Play.

Today is the first day of what was supposed to be my last semester of college. Yeah, thats right, COLLEGE. Two years ago, if you were to have asked me what I'd be doing in June of 2018, I would have said I'd be doing a celebratory lap around the European continent to celebrate graduating and never having to enroll in another school semester. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the last 3 and a half years of college, but like anyone in most situations, I am so beyond ready for the next chapter of my life. Here's what happened: It was a choice. About a year and a half ago I had a bit of an emotional breakdown after visiting my boyfriend and his family over Thanksgiving break. I was about to finish my last semester of general education courses and approaching the time of my college career during which I was expected (and really needed) to make SOME kind of decision about what direction I wanted my life to go in. 


If you have met me, you might know that I am someone who, when at a buffet, puts a little bit of everything on my 9 inch-diameter plate. I'm the person who takes 30 minutes to decide where to go for dinner, or what shoes to pair with my outfit. Its not that I'm easily distracted, or uninterested, but simply because I'm indecisive and afraid to limit myself. I love to dabble and try a little bit of everything, to weigh all my options. As a freshman I was enrolled in the public health pre-major. Long story short, after many mornings of sheer dread when getting up out of bed to get to school, and long nights studying for classes I found somewhat interesting but not captivating, I decided it was time for a re-evaluation.


This leads us back to Thanksgiving of 2016. It was then that I decided that all my free time spent doodling, writing, taking photos, and creating should be tunneled into something that could truly benefit more than a hobby. I had developed a love of photography my Senior year of high school and was always the person editing my friends' photos for instagram. LOL so funny how passions get started, right?! I was also the girl in charge of creating the instagram graphic posters with all the info about events when the ministry I led for, had something going on. I decided to take a leap and make the drastic switch from Science to Art & Design. I had to re-take SO many lower division classes now in art rather than science, which set me back a semester. I felt violently thrown off at first because I had to take drawing and painting classes (lets just say there's a reason I've committed to stick figures my whole life) and upon the discovery that I was not the best (kind words) at the very first lower-division design classes I took, it was SO easy to become discouraged. And oh... I did. I struggled and had to re-do quite a few assignments. I took a couple of sucky grades at first. I wasn't used to the freedom of the art & design field and so had a hard time letting go of the reigns. As soon as I did, I immediately discovered where my talents lay and the potential I have to do something really rad with them.


Back to the present. I am currently sitting in my campus coffee shop waiting 30 minutes for my Graphic Design 2 class to start at 12:30. The difference in my excitement levels now from when I was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my anatomy class to start, are ridiculous. All I can say now is that I am SO wildly happy that I decided to question myself and really think about whether the path I was starting on was one that would really, truly bring me joy. In high school, I honestly thought that science and math was something I enjoyed, come to find out I was totally brainwashed by the prospect of making a lot of money and by what all of my friends were doing and the majors they were going into, some at state schools and others at prestigious schools... come to find out more than half of them have since switched their majors as well, go figure!! If I had stayed in the science field I know for a fact that regret would be SO prominent in my life, which is just not something I'm okay with in the slightest. Life is way too short to do what your brain thinks you have to do over what your heart wants you to do. Its the best thing ever when you brain and your heart agree, just sometimes you have to make the decision do something that your brain hasn't quite caught up to yet.


Trust that you're in good hands and go for it, I did.

Aysia Norris