Typographer Book



Design Brief. 


This project challenged us to create a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing book to highlight a font designed by our assigned typographer. My assigned typographer is Zuzana Licko and I am highlighting her popular serif font, Filosofia. Filosofia is a beautiful typeface that Licko drew much inspiration of from the older Bodoni typeface. Although at first I had a difficult time working with the ascenders and descenders due to the serifs and ball terminals, I soon appreciated the font and all of its characteristics.


I decided to use an organized system to lay out my book. I utilized a two-column grid system in which I placed the text and enlarged characters. Initially, I overcompensated on the book by designing  very busy background textures and using extremely bold colors. The font system I used for the body text is Filosofia 10/14, which proved to be a very legible combination. I later realized that, in order to draw attention to the typeface itself and highlight the intricacies of the characters, I had to fall back to a simpler design. I then made the design decision to stick with a minimalist, light-colored theme. Filosofia is such an elegant and well-made typeface and with my final draft, it is so much easier to see that.

Initial Sketches







Final Project

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