Annalisa Commercial Portrait Session | Moonlight Beach

Annalisa, a.k.a. the living definition of sunshine. I am so happy to have met this light beam! I'm also MORE thankful that we were destined to be friends. Get this, our moms used to work together a long time ago and once, when we were little, took us to Disneyland together. Neither of us can remember this, obviously, (at least I don't think she can) but my mom swears by it! Apparently we would play together during they day when they would bring us to work on the same days. After SO many years of living separate lives, going to different high schools, and having few mutual friends, Annalisa began working at the store I worked in at the time! SO rando. We became instant friends. Fun fact, Annalisa is a crazy talented human, she's a musician and also has a lifestyle blog. Check her out here!