Beachy Boheme | A Small Business

Alright you guys, lets take a second to appreciate this GORG little dining nook...

did you take your second?? Go ahead, scroll through that photo carousel above to let it all sink in. 

Okay now lets talk. I was recently able to photograph this stellar interior set-up by my friend Hanin Smith, the talented, smart, and beautiful human behind Beachy Boheme. I am in LOVE with the bohemian, beachy, airy vibes I get from this shoot. Not only does this space make you feel at home in the absolute cutest breakfast corner I've ever seen, but as soon as you step inside the light-filled room you are, or at least I was, transported to a place somewhere on a beach where a salty breeze replaced the humid afternoon heat. I can't express enough how fun this shoot was. Definitely look in to the services Beachy Boheme provides along with paroozing through the online shop! You wont regret it.

If you would like to see more photos from this shoot, click here.

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